Visiting rules

Visiting rules

Dear visitors!

To make your visit to the museum pleasant and safe for you, and the requirements of the museum staff - to be predictable, please read in advance the Rules for visiting the institution "Kossovsky Palace and Park Complex". By coming to the museum, you agree with them.

Leave in the wardrobe:

  • outerwear and hats;

  • travel and shopping bags, suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, packages, other bulky items;

  • items, the use of which may cause damage to exhibits and equipment.

If any suspicious items, parcels, bags or other items are found left in the museum building, visitors should immediately notify museum curators, security officials or other museum staff.
In the event of an emergency (fire, terrorist act, natural disaster, etc.), visitors follow the commands of the museum staff and follow their instructions.

It is prohibited in the museum:

  • be under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • bring cold weapons and firearms, narcotic, explosive, flammable, poisonous substances, foodstuffs, as well as other items that can harm other visitors, museum staff, exhibits or equipment into the museum halls;

  • use rollerblades, scooters and similar vehicles;

  • smoke inside the museum;

  • go into the service areas of the museum, behind the fences and on the sites for placing exhibits;

  • be on the territory of the museum with animals (except for guide dogs);

  • touch the exhibits and display cases (excluding items in the interactive areas);

  • make noise, use audio equipment with sound playback enabled;

  • conduct excursions (excursion services are carried out only by the museum's researchers);

  • take professional photo and video (using a tripod and flash);

  • interrupt the guide, as well as interfere with the tour in other ways;

  • climb sculptures and architectural elements of the building;

  • carry out commercial, advertising and other activities without the consent of the museum administration.

In the part not regulated by the provisions of these Rules, one should be guided by generally accepted standards of morality and ethics, as well as by the rules of conduct in public places.

Violation of these Rules, as well as causing damage to the property of the museum, may be grounds for bringing, in accordance with the established procedure, to administrative and other types of liability, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.