Conducting weddings

Conducting weddings

The organization of a wedding celebration requires a lot of effort and preparation. Especially, this concerns the choice of a place for celebration, where the appropriate atmosphere will be created, a gorgeous delicious table is laid, and the main participants of the celebration and guests will be able to have a pleasant time. If you have a wedding ceremony, we suggest you order a cafe for a wedding. Cafe «Thaddeus’s»- a cafe for a wedding for 30 people, which you can entrust the preparation and holding of a wedding banquet.

A cozy, beautiful cafe for a small wedding in the city center offers a full range of services aimed at high-quality organization and an interesting celebration. Having decided to rent a cafe for a wedding, you will find:

  • stylish interior of banquet halls;

  • thematic decoration of the halls;

  • high quality, tasty, varied cuisine;

  • excellent service;

  • musical accompaniment and wedding presenters;

  • cake to order;

  • other services.


Banquet hall

Our inexpensive wedding cafe «Thaddeus’s» offers you spacious, but very cozy rooms with stylish design. We can accommodate up to 30 people in the banquet hall, at beautifully decorated and served tables. A special atmosphere in a cozy cafe for a wedding will allow you to spend this important day in your life pleasantly, interestingly and unforgettably.
The rental price includes:

  • Hall rental;

  • service;

  • meals and drinks agreed with the client;

  • other services.

Our cafe for a small wedding can offer you musical accompaniment and a show program organized by the best artists and presenters of the city, who will make your wedding day unforgettable.


The cost of renting a cafe for a wedding

Many people think that renting a cafe for a wedding - expensive pleasure. We want to dispel this myth, and offer you the services of our inexpensive establishment cafe «Thaddeus’s». The democratic cost of meals and rental services will pleasantly surprise you, and the celebration will not have a strong impact on your budget.

If you are interested in renting a cafe for a wedding, we are ready to discuss all issues, including financial, at a meeting or by phone. We will help you create a menu based on the number of guests based on your personal preferences and wishes. The price of a wedding in a cafe - affordable and profitable. 

How to place an order?

Renting a cafe for a wedding for a small company - easy and simple. It is enough to decide on the date, the number of guests and the budget you are counting on. On our website you can leave a request for rent, or call the specified phone number. We will discuss with you the menu, the prices in the cafe for the wedding, as well as all the organizational issues and services that we can offer you. We have the most beautiful cafe for a wedding, and residents can rent it for their celebrations. We guarantee you a good decoration of the banquet hall, a large selection of delicious dishes on the menu, quality service and affordable prices. Come!